Our strategy

Helping People BELONG, BELIEVE, and BECOME

  • We encourage our people to attend Sunday Worship Gatherings on a consistent basis. Pastor Ron puts together different Message Series that take congregants on a journey of growth on a topic or passage.
  • We encourage our people to participate in a Small Group Community of some kind. This could be a Bible Study, Life Group, Naz U, Ministry Team, or Sunday School. One of the main purposes for these communities is to provide connection to each other for our people. Our desire is for everyone under our care to be known and to know a few others.
  • We encourage our people to take the Next Step. We believe that everyone has a next step to take in order to grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus. A Next Step may be Baptism, Discover, Welcome Party, Small Group Community, Asking Jesus into Their Life, Taking a Class, Leadership, Volunteering, making a Recommitment to Jesus, etc.
  • We encourage our people to develop a Personal Growth Plan. A PGP is a way to tangibly measure whether you are growing in your faith. It’s simple, you set spiritual goals and track whether you are meeting them or not. The goal is not perfection, but progress.
  • All along the way we are encouraging & challenging each other to continue to make Progress. We win together every time someone takes a Next Step and grows as a result. Next Steps can be looked at as "first downs" on our way to the end zone (our eternal home with God).