Helping people...

belong, believe, & become

Wherever you are on your faith journey we want to help you take the next step. Progress, not perfection, is always the goal. Growing in our relationship with Jesus requires that we challenge ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be and most of the time that means receiving help from others to get to where we want to go.

So, here's a good place to start. Below you will find a list of possible next steps that you could take.

What's Your Next Step?

WiFi      Connection Card

           Fill out a Connection Card @ our Connection Center at GHNAZ (or on our website                     under resources) so we can get your contact information. This help help us in                           assisting you. We want to serve you the best we can.

Birthday Cake     Welcome Party

          Our Welcome Party is designed to help new comers feel like welcomed by getting to                know a few people. You get a chance to meet other new comers, as well as a few of                our church leaders.  

Hiking      Discover

          This class is offered for you to get to know us. Discover our mission, vision, beliefs,                  and more. This class is offered every few months and is a prerequisite for                                  partnership/membership at GHNAZ.

circlemap   Starting Point

            We all have to start somewhere. Starting Point is an opportunity to learn the basics of              the Christian faith. This is a safe place to ask questions. 

Book Open     Naz University

          Class like settings to deeper our understand in a variety of areas from "How to Read                the Bible" to "How to Raise Godly Kids in a Ungodly World" to "Discovering Your                          Spiritual Gifts" to help us grow strong spiritually. Classes run in the fall & spring.

Cross     Place Faith In Jesus Christ

         Starting a relationship with God by placing our faith in His Son, Jesus, is the most                     important decision we will ever make. It's also a daily decision to continue to follow                Jesus as our Savior and Lord. This relationship is a life-long process fleshed out in our             daily life. The resurrection of Jesus changes everything!

Water    Baptism

          Do not be ashamed to be a follower of Jesus. Jesus is our everything! If we deny Him,            He will deny us. Baptism is a public confession of faith in Jesus Christ. It is an outward

          symbol of an inward decision to follow Jesus. (We believe in all modes of baptism -                  emersion, pouring, or sprinkling) Baptism is a prerequisite to membership at GHNAZ.

Heartbeat    Life Group

          Small group communities are the heart of our ministry. Sunday worship gatherings are            great for corporate worship and gathering the church together as a whole, but real                    church life happens throughout the week. Life Groups is where faith and life intersect.            The purpose of our Life Groups are to provide everyone with the opportunity to                          connect, grow, care, pray, and serve one another. 

rocket    Launch

         This four week class is designed to maximize one's potential in finding their place of               service in ministry. We will help you find your place by accessing your spiritual gifting,             heart, abilities, personality, and life experiences. Get ready to launch into service with               confidence.


Helping Hands   Serve

          One of the best ways to grow is to serve. When we serve, we help others, but we benefit

          too. So, get involved! We love our volunteers at GHNAZ. It takes a team of volunteers              to make ministry happen and there's a spot just for you no matter where you are on                  your faith journey. Go from attending church to being the church by getting involved.

cash  Tithe

           Tithing is a biblical principle of giving ten percent of your income back to God through             the local church. This is how the mission of God is funded. This is one way that Lord               test our heart. Tithing is a sign of Christian maturity. God has entrusted us with                         resources and it's up to us to be good stewards of what He's given us. Talk to pastor                 about this principle if you'd like to learn more.

Users    Partnership / Membership

           It’s about ownership. At GHNAZ, becoming a member represents a significant shift in              mindset – from “I attend this church” to “This is my church.”  By becoming a member              of GHNAZ, you're saying "You can count on me" or "I'm committed" to helping any way              can so we can fulfil our mission. To become a member you first have to take the                        Discover class.

  trophy  Leadership

          Members who get hired or elected or appointed to leadership positions at GHNAZ                    have shown a track record of being faithful, wise, and accountable. It's a great honor to            be able to serve in church leadership. Those who serve in these positions are servants            to the greater body of Christ. They champion the vision and mission of the local                        church.

circlestar  Call To Ministry

           A call to ministry is not something you decide or are elected to, it's something that is              given by God to some in order to serve Him and His Church. It's something that some              believers are compelled to do and that other believers affirm. Talk to pastor if you feel              you have a calling on your life.


What's Your Next Step?

If you don't know what to do next or need some assistance

talk to our team at the Connection Center or reach out to Pastor Ron

and they would be glad to help you.

God Bless You

As You Seek To Honor Him